appleWelcome to my Learning Inspired blog!  The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences at various education related conferences and professional developments, with other educators. It is part of a project that I am working on through the class “Technology and Teacher Education” at George Mason University. In an age where school budgets are being slashed and web 2.0 technologies are so readily available, I am exploring creative opportunities to offset the cost and time that many professional development situations require.  In addition, I think that teaching educators with technology is a great method to expose and encourage the adoption and use of technology in the classroom.  The goal of this blog is to create a community resource and to communicate with other staff members, and any other teachers who are interested, about the experiences and take aways from my professional development opportunities.  Teachers who read and participate in my blog will hopefully benefit from the information that is shared.  I will share the noteworthy sessions that I attend and various resources whenever possible.

Please feel free to contact me by commenting on my posts or via email- kherskow@masonlive.gmu.edu.

I hope that my learning inspires you!

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